Live Life On Your Terms

The world has changed and so have I. I don’t do things the same as the generations that came before me and I’m proud of it! I know what I want, and that is to remain independent. I want to age my way, in my own place. I’ve always faced life head on and will keep doing it that way. I live life according to my rules. What does the future look like? It looks the way I want it to look! Bottom line? Life is full of experiences, and I’m going to experience life on my terms.

Our Premium Products

Sleep-Safe Home-Bed-Rail

Sleep Safe Home Bed Rail

Provides support while standing and extends to prevent nighttime falls


Independence Tray Table

Independence isn’t reserved for the young. Independence is freedom


Sure Stand Pole

Can be placed anywhere in the home for easy standing


Assurance Car Handle

Provides support exactly where you need it for easy sitting and standing


Confidence Bed Handle

Discreet handle provides support while sitting up in bed and standing


Elite Travel Rollator > Coming Soon

The most lightweight and portable walker in the world for easy traveling

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Heavy-Duty, very nice finish, great help for getting up and down. very happy with purchase.

I had one of these years ago when I had hip surgery, but I gave it away to a friend who had surgery, and told him to pass it on to others who needed, not thinking I'd need again. This one i bought for a knee replacement I just had, and it is better than what I had previously. The finish is nicer, it has more accessories for storing things, like my Dish remote that keeps falling down into recliner if I don't put it in the little holder on this table! The table is sturdy, and is a big help for getting my momentum going when getting up, but I actually find it more useful to lean on for support when I go to sit down. Definitely keeps me from plopping down and having that jolt of pain hit in my knee. Heavy duty & built well. I like that it doesn't look like a medical product that sticks out like a sore thumb in the room, it just looks like a TV tray that fits in.

Independence Tray Table - 24 May, 2017

Trevor D. Cranneyon

"It’s a real lifesaver!"

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have the tray table and the pole products. I don’t know how I’d get along without it! I wouldn’t be able to shower without the pole, and it’s so convenient having it next to the toilet. It’s a real lifesaver!

Independence Tray Table & Sure Stand Pole – 18/12/16

Angie Bird

"I can’t image my recovery without it!"

After I had double knee replacement surgery, the Sure Stand Security Pole was a life saver for me in the bathroom. Getting on and off the toilet, and having the extra stability getting into the shower was invaluable. I cant even imagine what my recovery would have been like without it! Anyone who needs help or stability would benefit from this product.

Sure Stand Pole – 30/11/16

Herm Olsen

"This table is perfect for me"

This table is perfect for me. Sturdy construction allows confidence in getting up from the couch when you can't quite do it yourself. The table swings all the way around and can be adjusted at just the right level. It swings completely out of the way when sitting or getting up. The handy cup holder is on the outside of the table and does not interfere with your table space. The side trays are in just the right spots to contain what ever you are using. It makes recovery from my neck and shoulder surgery so much easier. It is also great for snacking or computer work. I feel great about recommending this table.

Signature Life Independence Tray Table

Kevan Penrose

"This is an excellent product!"

I recently bought the Sleep Safe Bed Rail and I am very happy I did so. I can now sleep soundly without worrying about falling out of bed. In addition the side pouches are really helpful for holding the TV remote and snacks. This is an excellent product!

Sleep Safe Bed Rail - 13/01/16

James Pipitone